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    green building

    Installation of Hydroflow systems gives a score in the standard for green construction 5281 and is recommended by green building consultants and plumbing consultants from the leading in the country.

    Hydroflow Systems appears in the Technical Guide for Sustainable Construction of the Ministry of the Environment as a recommended system for treating scale.

    The installation of the systems is external to the piping and does not require modification or cutting of the piping.

    Also, Hydroflow systems do not require regular maintenance or replacement of components, operate long-term, have no chemical effect on the water and are extremely environmentally friendly.

    Hydroflow systems are installed in thousands of buildings built according to a green standard throughout the country. Hydroflow Israel works in cooperation with the leading construction companies in the Israeli economy.






    Hydroflow Israel markets systems for monitoring and detecting water leaks and offers solutions to prevent flood damage and water leaks for commercial or domestic use.

    The product line is based on blue and white technology developed in accordance with the requirements of the Israeli market, all without a monthly usage fee.

    The systems include means for automatically closing the water tap both proactively as part of a building management policy (smart home / office) or when the system detects a leak or leak and functions automatically to reduce / prevent damage.

    The systems are designed to increase operational efficiency and increase customer confidence and prevent water damage.

    • Main system on the water camel.
    • Apartment / floor system.
    • Cloud-based irrigation controller.

    Installation of systems for detecting and monitoring leaks is part of the Israeli Standard for Green Building 5281 and gives a high score in the sections:

    • Leak monitoring and detection system.
    • Local water controller.
    • Secondary measurement.
    • Water meter and irrigation controller.





    Treatment of tartar
    Physical treatment of tartar without contact with water The system transmits a unique signal into the water pipes on which it is installed, the type of pipe does not affect the signal's transmission ability. The signal causes the minerals in the water, usually calcium and magnesium, to form clusters that (...)
    The Hydroflow system uses the electrical conductivity of the water and generates a unique but harmless signal of about KHZ150 in piping systems of any type or material up and down the water flow. The transmission is carried out at random breaks in fading sine waves, to enable T (...)
    Treatment of bacteria
    How do we treat bacteria? A cell of bacteria that passes through the ferrite ring of the Hydroflow system is electrically charged using the electromagnetic signal. As a result, a layer of pure water is formed around the bacterial cell, creating osmotic pressure (...)
    Additional benefits
    Corrosion protection As a result of the operation of the Hydroflow system, corrosion protection is created in the piping. The next electric current in contact with the pipe creates a disturbance to the electrochemical reaction required for the formation of corrosion. Hydroflow system has the ability to reduce corrosion (...)


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